Good Academic Achievements are Essential for A Student

Sean Gee Zhing 5Sc1 余靖

“We cannot prepare the future for our youth, but we can prepare our youth for the future.” Those are the wise words of Franklin Roosevelt, former U.S. president, which imply that a youth needs to be well-prepared for the future. In this ever-changing world where everyone strives to achieve their definition of preordained success, I do believe that good academic achievement is vital for students. As youths who cannot escape from the reality of entering society, good academic qualifications are a component that cannot be compromised for students’ future success.

In modern times, regardless whether you are in an interview for a scholarship or applying for a job, the first question interviewers usually ask is: “What do you do?” In other words, the interviewers first look at your academic achievements. Indeed, no biodata or curriculum vitae is complete without academic achievements. This clearly emphasises the importance of academic achievements in a student’s quest for future success. In reality, it is an unannounced rule in society that a man’s acquisition of academic achievement is a great leap towards any opportunity that life can offer.

From another perspective, having good academic achievement ensures that the student has mastered the basics of learning. By having a firm grounding in subjects such as the languages and the sciences, a student will have sharpened and refined his skills in communicating, calculating and innovating. All these are essential skills that are instrumental for achieving success in modern times. They will help to pave future roads for the student, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

On the other hand, there might be some people who claim that there exist famous figures such as Bill Gates who have managed to achieve massive success, despite being a college dropout and having a lack of academic achievements. However, how many people are there like Bill Gates? Does the fact that Bill Gates is able to achieve success without academic achievements imply that we do not need to focus on our studies? Definitely not. A few exceptions cannot be made into a general rule. As for the people who are like Bill Gates, if we look through a global directory of successful people, we might find around 100 of them. However, what about the millions of professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, scientists, mathematicians and teachers that rely on academic achievements to be successful? Could we run a country without them? An even more interesting question to ask would be: “Could people like Bill Gates even be successful without them?” No man is an island.

Imagine that you have spent more than 10 years in school, and several more years of your precious life in college. You have been working hard all these years, striving to achieve your best in academics. Then, suddenly, one fine morning, someone walks along and tells you that good academic achievement is actually not important at all for success in life. When asked for proof, he replies “Bill Gates”. Actually, that is not the case! If success is defined as starting a business from scratch and making billions of dollars, then only a handful of people would be successful today. Success is truly about being able to make the best out of your talents and abilities, and studying is required to do that. In order to do so, you will need to study to stretch your mind intellectually.

Frankly speaking, good academic achievement alone is not enough to guarantee success. In spite of that, it does indicate that the student has the potential and caliber to be successful. Imagine a new world order in studying where students do not have to sit for any examinations, and they apply for jobs when they are still studying. If you were the employer, how would you determine which student is more prospective? Is it not hard to decide? That is why we need good academic achievements. A student who has good academic achievements has surely mastered a great deal of specialist knowledge and has also been through hard times. As such, this student must be someone who is hard-working, determined, responsible, and mentally strong. These are all valuable attitudes that can lead to success in any future endeavours. In fact, just being in a top college like Harvard or Cambridge will indicate that you are an outstanding student.

In a nutshell, good academic achievement is indeed important for students as it is usually accompanied by a wealth of benefits. If a student is brilliant academically, wonderful opportunities are not far away and will soon present themselves to him. Besides, good academic achievement signals a good education, and the possessor will surely be able to succeed in any endeavour he chooses to partake. As George Washington once said, education is the key to open the golden door of freedom and success.