Learning to Let Go – SPM 2011 Story Essay

The question: Write a story ending with “They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.”


everything happens for the best

The morning sunshine diffused through the silk curtains, giving them a faint, soft glow. Sheets of paper are scattered on the desk, and the cup of coffee from the night before is still there. Red crosses adorn the tabletop calendar but today’s date is marked with a star.

Sunday. What better way could there be to start a Sunday than being woken up by sunshine? However, she forgot to turn off her usual alarm. All hopes of a perfect lie-in were demolished. After hitting snooze for the fifth time, she decided to stop burying herself in her beloved down pillow and just lie on the bed, staring into blank space, enjoying the privilege of doing nothing. There were streaks on her pillow where tears had flowed before. She was thinking about him. She hid her phone under the mattress so she did not have to face life just yet.

Her relationship with him had been strained recently. They started off as college sweethearts. However, after 2 years they had to go to university. They both went to the UK, but they went to different institutions. It all seemed fine at first. They would frequently call each other and discuss about their studies, their social lives. He liked to talk until it was late. She would coach him during exam season, and make sure he did his assignments. Distance eventually took its toll. She did not have enough time for herself to study, much less time to herself. She ended up having many sleepless nights to catch up with her own studies. It was too much for her, and she asked him to be independent, to give her some space. He did not change much, and she became more and more tired, complying to his needs. She kept trying to explain to him but he just would not change. Eventually, they started arguing. She was sad and cried herself to sleep on most nights. Something had definitely went wrong.

Lying on the bed thinking, it finally dawned on her. If they are meant to be, in the end they will be together anyhow; if they are not meant to be, no matter how hard they hold on, fate will still make them part ways. She was tired, and she needed some much awaited rest. Hence, she made up her mind, determined this time.

She picked up her phone and dialled – she knew the number by heart. He answered. She spoke. He cried. She did not. To be accurate, she tried not to. She was successful in doing so, but inside, she was crying her heart out. She felt sad and relieved at the same time.

The phone call did not last forever. She loved him, but it was time to let go. Indeed, the greatest act of love is letting go. You can not live your life for other people; you have to do what is right for you, even if it hurts some people you love. Freedom was in the air. She proceeded to get up and prepare herself for the day.

In the midst of everything, she caught a glance of her reflection in the mirror. “Yeah, you made the right choice.” They looked at each other, and smiled meaningfully.


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