IMO Diary 2016 Entry 4, 17 – 19 June

I arrive at the dorm to find Ivan, Zi Song and Li Xuan waiting in one of our rooms. I had the other key, so they couldn’t enter the room with air con yet. I had agreed to switch rooms with Zi Song as I was not feeling well.

So, in the few hours before dinner, I took out my pencil and paper to write out my solutions to the mock tests. (I had been sick for the whole week so I didn’t have time to write them during the weekdays).

Soon, we are at dinner. We have a table for ourselves(!) and Ivan decided to play the piano before dinner.


Navi at the piano

The menu for dinner is relatively good. Even Ivan liked it too. He said it was the first time he completely finished a piece of chicken in PermataPintar.

Shortly thereafter, we headed to class… and there was a marker on the table. Apparently Ivan is so excited to see it and he uncapped it and used it to write on the glassboard. He didn’t realise it was a paint marker.



After that, we settled down and waited for Mr Zafree to come. However, Mdm Sakinah soon came to inform us that Mr Zafree couldn’t make it and we had to conduct the session ourselves. Hence, Ivan suggested that we continue to finish the shortlist that we were working on last week. Meanwhile, I proceeded to print out the solutions for the mock tests that Mr Zafree had emailed to us. Around 2200, I decide to retire for the night and sleep early as my condition is not getting any better.

I wake up around 0700 the next day. After making sure everyone is ready, we head to the dining hall together. To our surprise, there is cereal and milk! (We used to have cereal for breakfast during the preliminary camps but it went extinct after that.) After breakfast, we headed to the classroom to take our mock test.

Fast forward and we are in the dining hall. There is still an exclusive table for us, and the cereal from morning is still there. The chicken was really good and we finished it.

Over the course of our lunch, we put some cereal into Ivan’s drink. We put one piece of cereal in his drink and challenged him to gulp down the cereal in one sip. Of course, it was trivial for Ivan. So we added another piece of cereal. And another… and another…


Glass full of cereals

After lunch, we headed back to class and spammed ISL. In the evening, we came back to our dorm. Some of us feel albeit hungry so we decided to order pizza. Again, we tried to create an account online so we could get free juice with the promotion, but alas PermataPintar has no address. In the end we gave up and resorted to the traditional way of ordering through the phone. Needless to say, when the pizza arrived, it didn’t last very long.

I then went to bathe and we headed to the dining hall. After a quick dinner we went back to class. During the night session, Mr Zafree discussed with us on the mock test we took in the morning. Mdm Sakinah joined us too. Around 2130, supper came and it was something that was new to us.


Noodles and sandwiches

It tasted quite good! Apparently it is too bland for Ivan so he decided to add some chilli flakes he’d saved from the evening’s pizza. 3 whole packets of chilli flakes.


Chilli x 3

After supper, we then headed back to the dorms to rest.

The next morning, we woke up as usual around 0700 and had breakfast. I had cereal and so did the others. After that, we went to the class to take our mock test. After the mock test, lunch was delivered to us in neat small boxes. There was fried rice, fried chicken and potato wedges. However, even though there was only 5 of us, there was 10 boxes. Hence, Mdm Sakinah said we could take more than one if we wanted to.

After that, we parted ways again. The final camp is just five days away.