Flavours Are Fun

Ice Cream

Imagine walking down an aisle in the supermarket, where there’s 32 flavours of ice cream. Thirty two.

It does seem too much, doesn’t it? There’s enough to taste a different flavour for each day of the month! But then, I bet you can’t tell the difference between some of them. And by the end of the month you might have a phobia of ice cream.

There used to only be vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. After that, more flavours appeared such as grape, mint and lemon.

Now there’s chocolate, chocolate fudge, chocolate almond, and Belgium chocolate. How are we supposed to tell them apart!? There’s too many flavours that taste the same!

You know what would I do to get 32 flavours? I’ll take 5 flavours, say vanilla, lime, yam, green tea and strawberry. Then I’ll just mix and match them to get my own new flavour.

It’s good to be spoilt for choice, but sometimes it’s just too scary. Just think of it.

Anyone fancy some “vanilla green tea” ice cream? 😉

32 Flavors


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