A Walk In The Park


Sometimes, life is just too much. Too much confusion and deception. The hustle and bustle of city life can be overwhelming at times, and an escapade is required to regain ourselves.

An escapade? Yes, a visit to a sanctuary, where we relax our minds, and clear our meddled thoughts. When everything is albeit too much, I like to take a walk in the park.

The park is a special place to me, as it is where serenity can be found.

The breeze. It rustles the leaves, and soothes our skin gently.

The sun. It casts shadows on the ground that dance around playfully, and the rays of sunlight tingle our skin.

The birds. They chirp harmoniously, and hop around lively. Watching them is a simple pleasure itself.

All this teaches us to appreciate how beautiful nature is. No matter what hardship you’ve been through, I’m sure a walk in the park will be able to brighten up your day.

After a walk, with thoughts settled and mind calmed, I’m ready to venture out into the world again.



4 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park

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