Who Am I?

I’m Sean, and 16 years old in the year of 2015. I love math and Origami.

I commit to this blog to for many reasons. One of them is to post my experiences in life, so I can reflect back on them at some point in the future. I also write some advice on studying. (I find that it actually makes me study better when it put my methods down in words.)

Oh, and I usually post a short essay every day or so. It’s how I practice my writing and my creative mind. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome when you know someone out there in the wide, wide world has read your essay.

The thing I like about blogging is the people we meet through it. We get the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, that share the same interest as us. Blogs bring us together, those who share the same passion.

Well, if you have a passion for writing, Origami, or math, consider following me! I’d love to have some feedback on my essays 🙂



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