Mnemonics Are Fun!

Sometimes when you are studying, you might encounter a sequence of stuff to memorise. Such as a few elements, a few people, or any stuff that seems random and messed up. You might go: Woah, how am I going to remember this?

When that occurs, mnemonics can give you a helping hand. Not to mention they’re quite fun to make!

For example, the fractions of petroleum are:

  1. Petroleum gas
  2. Petrol
  3. Naphtha
  4. Kerosene
  5. Diesel
  6. Lubricating oil
  7. Fuel oil
  8. Bitumen

So what you want to do is create a sentence (a nonsensical one), with the first letter of each word corresponding to the first letter of each item in the list.

I would put, say,

Poor Peter Never Kiss D Little Fat Baby

All you have to do is remember this sentence, so your mind can effortlessly relate and recall the list items. It works magically right? Give it a try!

For a start, create a mnemonic for your name, and post it as a comment below! And have fun too 🙂

Last updated on 3/1/2015


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