First Place In Class

I read an article in the paper today, and I found it quite interesting.

The gist of it is that parents put too much stress on their young children in academics. Well, at least that’s the case with the adults around me.

At a young age, children should allowed to enjoy their childhood. They should play, and learn things with their own inquisitiveness. Playing is quite an effective way of learning. Time flies, and before they know it, their childhood has passed by.

Unfortunately, children these days have to go to tuition classes, as young as the age of 7. This is really unnecessary. Let them study at their own pace, let them find their own rhythm. Each child is unique, and the most effective way to teach them may differ.

Personally, the most important thing in an exam is to do your best. If you have done that, you’ve succeeded. Success in the exam doesn’t mean topping the class.

Indeed, the first place isn’t something that matters a lot. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. If you have the ability to get it, why not?



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